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Kim Kuhle, SBA Certified Woman Owned Business
Bank Compliance Consultant, CRA
Opportunity Zone, LLC

We can provide contacts and resources to accelerate solutions for colleagues in the area of economic development, finance, revitalization, small business, financial education and nonprofit fundraising. If you want a well connected, problem solver, we can help you. If you want an empathetic listener, we are the people to call.

Mission: Capital Consulting brings people together to build systems that create a better life. We design strategies in collaboration with leaders to take organizations to the next level of excellence. Our means (Action Plan) and ends (Positive Growth for All Concerned) are to facilitate "Change" by managing the plan, project, program, evaluation and reinvention.

​As a CEO, I enjoy leading people through the process of change that they say they want to create. From strategic plans to action plans, I provide behavioral economic analysis and market intelligence for my clients. I develop community affairs strategies that help employees feel more loyal, business build its brand and connect to generous investors. For clients, I write marketing strategies financial forecasts and business plans. For audiences, I present a range of training sessions, including How to Work a Room, Community Involvement, Community Development Best Practices, Presidential Management Practices and How to Fight Against Homelessness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Serving on Several Governing Boards
  • Achieving Sustainable Revenue Streams
  • Building & Leading High-Performing Teams
  • Developing Affordable Housing Agreements
  • Multi-Million Dollar Financial Analysis & Budgets
  • Forming & Leveraging Strategic Corporate Partnerships
  • Multiple Project/Program Management & Implementation
  • Creating a Shared Corporate Social Responsibility Vision


  • National Association of Professional Women, Professional Woman of the Year 2015-2016
  • Indian Center, Most Valuable Board Member Award, Nebraska Hispanic Commission, Community Leader Award
  • Toastmasters, Advanced Communicator Bronze​
  • Nebraska Bankers Association, Statewide Financial Education Award
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Nebraska
  • Co-founded and lobbied for 7 award-winning community financial institutions currently considered national models by accomplishing the following 5 items: 1) Created 6 revolving loan pools valued at $26 million, 4,250 units of affordable housing; 2) Provided 55 housing loans; 3) Facilitated the growth of 30,155 businesses; 4) Developed 4 federally qualified community health centers covering 32 acres of land; and 5) Brought social services to 94,000 people annually.
  • Pioneered 32 innovative training summits, hiring national speakers that taught community executives how to collaborate and grow their organizations to the next level. Personally initiated the first Train-the-Trainer events through FDIC for nonprofit employees and bankers to customized financial education, analyzed community development plans and identified $100 million in additional funds.
  • Recognized within the company structure as the only banker to achieve an Outstanding Rating for 250 markets in every OCC Exam Cycle for 16 years in every one of the 7 states. Consequently created 123 new markets, initiating a chain reaction among colleagues that led to the closure of $1.45 billion in community development loans.
  • Entrusted by senior management with conducting the first New Market Tax Credit Seminar in any bank’s history in the Midwest and worked closely with vendors to build up $80 million in bank investments for job creation in one state while simultaneously training other bankers across various bank locations on how to facilitate these investments in other strategic markets.

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