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Market Successes in Community Development Emran Khan

Leveraging New Resources The Philadelphia Federal Reserve just published an interesting article about "Leveraging New Resources." When I saw that phrase, I chuckled because the resources are not really new because they all tie back to the debt, investment, capital and land management. What is new is the realization that for-profit developers often need support from government entities and nonprofts to achieve their goals. Similarly, commnity developers are beginning to incorporate for-profit developers into their day to day program development programs. The connecting link, in my opinion, is the modern mantra called "Impact Investing." This is sometimes called Social Responsibility and at other times business leaders call it "Outcome Investing." The underlying message is a realization that the free market doesn't always work and value based planning often does. If we dive even deeper into the meaning of this era of "Leveraging New Resources," it boils down to three important communal trends:
1) increased collaboration across professions and mental models,
2) reuse of financial structures and tools in a way that redefines collateral and
3) the evolution of community development tools through data measurement, outcome successes, over time. Please read this article to continue this important national discussion about what "Impact Investing" is and can be.

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