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A National Investment Bank Can Help Us with Falling Bridges and Natural Disasters Kim Kuhle

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and falling bridges hurt our citizens and we have concrete ways we can reduce this pain by collaborating. Please see the attached article by Enterprise. This article is significant because it addresses disaster recovery, housing instability and infrastructure weaknesses from a perspective of group health and safety. It is special because it identifies organizations and tools that we don't normally think to include in problem solving. For example, mortgage associations and local military base leaders are invited to the infrastructure strengthening collaboration. The National Investment Bank proposal summarized on page 27-28 is well worth your time to read. By sending this thoughtful report to my LinkedIn and Facebook list, I am hoping to invite my colleagues to act on solutions that mean something to you and your city. Please share these strategies with others to help ignite the infrastructure debate.

Safer and Stronger Cities: Strategies for Advocating for Federal Resilience Policy | Enterprise Community Partners . . .

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